Outside a Myrtle Beach church on a Thursday around the end of September, the security guard for Grand Strand Baptist church was approached by the suspect. The church was holding a meeting inside to prepare for a weekend event. The suspect asked the security guard for change for a $20. As the security guard reached back and took out his wallet, the robber aimed at the guard’s mid-section, then took the wallet.

As the suspect walked away, the guard took out his own gun; the robber fired a shot in response which became lodged in the guard’s car door. Then, the guard returned fire and the dirtbag retaliated—attempting to fire second shot. Fortunately, the robber’s gun jammed and the guard quickly emptied his weapon. The robber was injured, but fled to a nearby restaurant reporting to employees there, he had been shot and needed assistance.

When the police arrived, witnesses steered them towards the suspect, reporting that they had witnessed him dumping his weapon, nearby. Police also spoke to the security guard, who identified himself as the shooter. The suspect was then taken to hospital to receive medical attention.

Friends, this troubles me. What could have happened had there not been a security guard on the premises? Would the robber have gone inside to do, who knows what? I understand that many have their ideas and opinions about carrying a weapon in a place of worship; but it is instances like this (and many other church shootings) that make me keep a gun on my belt. Stay safe when you go worship, guys. This is also an instance that I remind people to practice malfunction training. What would have happened had the situation be switched and the guard’s weapon jammed? I would hate to speculate, but I suspect the situation would have ended worse than it had.


Speaking of, are you guys familiar with armed security guards at churches?