In Raleigh, NC a dirtbag, later identified 28-year-old Jonathan Tyrone Peace, assaulted a woman at three in the afternoon. The woman, identified as 23-year old Morgen Matthews, was walking on South Blount Street when Peace tried to rob her.

At the scene, witnesses told local network WRAL News that Peace and Matthews argued before the woman “allegedly opened fire and shot the man.” Once she fired her weapon, she dropped it and a patron inside a nearby restaurant retrieved it before giving it to the police. Another witness called the police after the incident and reported that Matthews was “violently accosted” before she fired her weapon. Matthews remained at the scene until police arrived.

According to police, she fired her weapon to stop Peace from attacking her. Peace sustained a single gunshot wound to the chest and was rushed to WakeMed for immediate treatment. His current condition is unknown.

The following day, visitors to the scene expressed their support for Matthews, according to WRAL. One man was quoted, stating, “You need to protect yourself. And if that’s your avenue of doing it, then that’s what you need to do” (referring to carrying a firearm.)



This is one of those wonderful examples of the great Equalizer! According to many of the articles I’ve read recently, more and more women are learning how to protect themselves—specifically by taking firearms training and learning how to conceal carry. Imagine for a moment, that your daughter, niece, girlfriend, spouse, etc. had been in this situation. Hopefully they are as mindful as Ms. Matthews.

Also as a note, regardless of whether or not Matthews and that dirtbag Peace (oh the irony…) argued before she drew her pistol—it is safe to assume that she was trying to deescalate the situation, and if that means you raise your voice, do it.

Stay armed and stay safe out there my friends.



Have you ever been a witness to a situation similar to this? Do you know how to be a good witness? If not, we have a post for you to read then. Check it out and discuss in the comments!