This is not the “WHY NOT” conversation, advocating for buying yet another pistol. I don’t know how long I’ve banged the drum of “seasonal carry,” but it’s my first reason why you need to have more than one concealed carry weapon. But there are other instances where you’ll find yourself wishing you had another pistol. Here are a few:

1. Switching Your CCW Seasonally

Like I said, this is my first reason to have more than one concealed carry weapon. If you have a second (perhaps different in size) pistol, you can wear it during different weather. For example, say you have a double-stack full-size .45 and a single-stack 9mm. During the winter, it’s easier to conceal a bulkier pistol because of multiple layers of clothes (now, I know many of you are going to argue that having the right holster makes concealing that larger pistol a snap. That’s for a different post). In contrast, during the summer (or nice weather) most of us wear different clothes and don’t want to strap on a heavy pistol that might bring our shorts to the floor.

2. Options

We all can benefit from diversity. It can even make us better and more adaptable shooters. This even goes for those of you who collect, but I want to remind all of you that it makes it even more important to remember to practice. Having too many options can keep you from going to the range (I’m not saying everyone is like this), but I suggest having a solid collection: 2 conceal carry pistols, a shot gun, and a rifle. These can keep you versatile without stretching you too thin.

3. Can Become Evidence

If you encounter a self-defense situation and have to use your CCW, it will almost certainly become evidence. You can check around the internet and one of the things that you’ll notice is that all of the results of your CCW being taken into evidence is this: you’re unarmed. Don’t let yourself be left unarmed.

No matter what your opinion, I hope that the above jogs your brain.


Do you have any other reasons for having another CCW?