Most instructors in a CCW class will go over a couple of the places that you don’t do it.

The following locations can result in a felony if caught with a firearm:

  • Schools
    • Public- No
    • Private- Depends*
      • *In certain states, a K-12 private school operated by a church can be an exception.
  • Courthouse- No
  • Post Office-No

  • Police Station of any kind- No, this includes:

    • Federal

    • State-Trooper/ Highway Patrol Office

    • County-Sheriff Station

    • Municipal- For larger Metropolitan areas, there are municipal police stations

    • City- Your local police department

    • Campus Security falls under school/ college campuses

  • Church- Depends on the ministerial leadership (Pastoral Staff or Priest)

The 2nd Amendment is probably the most widely debated of the entire U.S. Constitution. Most people know it as “The Right to Bear Arms” but the full legal verbiage is…

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

-The 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution-

Due to the fact that the United States Constitution is the Law of the Land, the 2nd Amendment is upheld through statewide mandates in most places.

There are left wing anti-gun extremists whose goal is to abolish our God-given right of self- preservation.

Currently, if it is legal in the state, then it is legal unless otherwise posted.

In certain states, the signage has to be 100% in compliance in order to turn away customers or clients.

A few examples of OFFICIAL anti-gun signage.

    Image result for official no guns allowed    Image result for official no guns allowed     Image result for official no guns allowed


Carrying in a mall?

The carrying of a handgun in a mall is a difficult subject. Some malls will be posted with anti-gun signs, but it is a public area.

The next issue is open carry or concealed carry. While some locations will allow open carry, the concealment of a firearm in that establishment is prohibited.

However, with open carry, you may lose the tactical advantage of the element of surprise.

There is a certain situation where you have to decide whether the benefit of having a gun on you, even if it is just a pocket pistol, outweighs the risk of getting caught with it. If you get caught usually they will just ask you to leave and put it in your car.

Whilst a mall may not be opposed to the carrying of a concealed or open firearm, certain stores and restaurants may.

Same goes for a movie theater, especially if it is inside the mall.

Do your research before you walk into a store, restaurant, or movie theater. Call them and ask if you are unsure.
Watch for the anti-gun signs.

A park?

A park is just as, if not more complicated than a mall. It is an open public area that firearms are not allowed in.

There do exist predators in our society and everyone has a legal right to protect and defend themselves.

I am not going to say one way or the other whether or not you should carry in places that are posted anti-gun. I will say it is up to you to decide, does the benefit outweigh the risk?