New to Walther’s single stack, compact series, the Walter PPS M2 offers the signature ergonomics, a slim profile, smooth trigger, and a versatile frame. The PPS M2 is designed with nothing but concealed carry in mind. It’s small, but comes with the same stopping power of a full cartridge.


Think Small but Great

The PPS M2 has a flat and slim grip for better concealment. But, Walther hasn’t skimped on the controllability. Their non-slip, cross-directional texture allows for great control and a comfortable grip. This 9mm has a 6.1lbs trigger pull but a short 0.2 inch travel for quick, accurate follow up shots. The smoothness of the trigger, however, aids in accuracy; working in tandem with the ergonomic grip.


Features with Accuracy and Concealment in Mind

The three-dot metal sights on the PPS M2 provides rapid aiming and target acquisition, but has a low profile that one snag on clothing or grab (too much) in that soft IWB holster. The rear sight also includes an adjustable screw to adjust for windage. There are also slide serrations that provide a great non-slip surface for the chamber-checkers among shooters.

For quick visual inspection, Walther has designed the PPS M2 with a loaded chamber viewport and a red cocking indicator. This indicator, itself, is designed to be both tactile and visible for low light conditions.

Like most pistols, the PPS M2 locks back on empty, but the slide stop itself is extended for easy access by a glove clad thumb. The magazine release, too, is conveniently positioned for thumb operation whether gloved or not.


Final Goods

The PPS M2 is coated in Walther’s patented Tenifer, matte, corrosion resistant finish. Walther has also provided three, single stack magazines: one flat six-round capacity for concealment, one mid seven-round capacity for comfort, and one large eight-round capacity for that extra cartridge.


Caliber: 9mm
Barrel: 3.18”
Overall: 6.3”
Weight: 21.1 oz. empty
Capacity: 6/7/8
Cost: $469 MSRP