In Albuquerque, New Mexico, in late February this year, a mother and her daughter were brazenly attacked by her estranged husband.

According to APD’s Public Information Officer Simon Drobik, the two were on their way to the Sunport Sunday Night when the woman’s husband crashed into their vehicle. Then, he got out of his vehicle and proceeded to fire into their vehicle.

A round struck the daughter in the arm. Wounded, he pulled her from the vehicle and began beating her on the road.

A Good Samaritan—a 12-year National Guard Veteran stopped to help. He told police that the assailant pointed his gun at him, so he shot him.

According to the KOB 4 news report, the mother was terrified at what could have happened had the Veteran not stopped to help. Drobik said she told police: “He saved our lives” and added, “I mean, that’s how much she was in fear of getting killed by this guy.”

The district attorney is reviewing the case, but the Veteran is not facing charges.



It’s incredible to think that any mother would have to face such horror. I will let you speculate on your own what could have happened, had the 12-year Vet not stopped or had taken a different commute that day.

It is very likely, however, that the Vet stopped to get the man off the daughter; remember folks, drawing your weapon is your last resort. Once the man decided to point his weapon at the Vet, however, that was it.

It’s good to know that the good guys with guns are still out there doing good. Stay armed and stay safe out there, my friends.



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