In January, a good Samaritan—later identified as Jonathan Murphy—was fatally shot when he intervened during an attempted robbery of a jewelry store inside a San Antonio, Texas mall.

The two thieves entered the mall around 3 p.m. and they shot Murphy while he tried to stop them. A concealed carry license holder drew his weapon and injured one of the dirtbags after Murphy was killed. The second thief fled “shooting as he ran,” and allegedly stole a vehicle and was later in an accident where he was apprehended.

When the second robber was arrested, police found two weapons on, now identified, Jason Matthew Prieto. Investigators say that Prieto crashed the stolen vehicle approximately twenty minutes after the robbery occurred.

During the robbery, one female and one male suffered gunshot wounds; another woman suffered a heart attack at the scene and another woman went into labor. All injured, including the thief, were transported to SA Medical Center for treatment.

SA Police Chief McManus commented “It’s absolutely senseless. This is the second time that a Good Samaritan was killed trying to intervene in a crime to help the victim.”

The injured robber and Prieto have been charged with capital murder and two counts of aggravated assault.

Unconfirmed sources say that the fatally shot victim Jonathan Murphy and his wife were at the jewelry store to have their wedding rings cleaned.

Friends, it is unfortunate that this senseless assault resulted in the loss of life. Had the threat not been stopped (or scared away) by the CCL holder, it’s likely the senselessness would have continued, exponentially increasing the potential for further losses. Keep your pistol handy and your senses sharp.


When you go out with your lady (or man) for shopping, what pistol do you take with you?