Just a few months ago on November 24th, 2017, a 28-year-old man named Robert Lorenzo Bailey Jr. wandered into Schlenker Automotive with a .40-caliber pistol where he began firing at employees. After Bailey shot and a 25-year-old Schlenker employee, Roger Lee Smith, another employee, stepped into the parking lot where Bailey shot and killed him.

Two other employees with concealed carry licenses confronted Bailey resulting in an exchange of fire inside the auto shop that left him wounded. He was taken to the hospital, then arrested. The identity of the 25-year-old employee hasn’t been released, however the shot Bailey fire did leave that victim paralyzed.


Police say that the situation could have gone worse. Bailey, it seemed, had no connection to Schlenker Automotive—in fact he didn’t even own a car.  Folks, this man decided to walk into an establishment at random just because it had people in it. Imagine if those two employees with CCLs had the day off that day. I mean, it was “Black Friday” after all. Bailey selected this particular place simply to kill people and had these two employees had not been there, the fatalities would have been much higher.

I grieve with Smith’s family. The news report has many quotes from his family members—he was a good man and when he heard the shot that paralyzed the 25-year-old, he simply went to investigate and perhaps even help whoever had been wounded. It is heartbreaking that this situation resulted in the loss of life and a severe change to so many others.

Part of the reason every one of us gun writers, bloggers, reviewers, instructors, etc. stress always being prepared is because of situations like this and many others that I’ve read. Often, the dirtbag selects their target just because there are a greater number of people there. Imagine being at your local grocery store after 5 p.m. What does that store look like? Packed. Take your concealed carry weapon with you everywhere, my friends. Stay armed, stay safe.


Do you take your CCW with you to the Auto Shop? If not, why?