Sometimes, folks, you’re not going to have the ability to carry, or maybe you choose not to. Many of us have things that happen where we either choose to not take our pistol that day, or maybe we’re sick and can’t concealed carry. Whatever the case may be, there are going to be instances, days, and cases when we are not going to have our CCW. But, faint not! There are things that you should be doing, regardless of whether you have your pistol on your hip or not.


1. Situational Awareness

I’m always going to beat this drum—you should always be aware, everywhere you go, even when you are home. Being aware is one of the most important things that you should do, anyway. It influences your choices, decisions, and options. Situational awareness could mean the difference between avoiding a confrontation, or ending up wounded, or mortally wounded. And when you’re unarmed, you should be doubly on-guard, for sure.


2. Words

Did you know that your voice—your words are a self-defense tool? My female readers know this all too well. But if you see something that shouldn’t be happening, raise your voice. If you’re alone in a situation, but there are people around, raise your voice. Don’t let yourself remain vulnerable and alone—use your voice to call someone else’s attention to the situation.

Also, on the off chance you accidentally bumped into the wrong guy, apologize. Be courteous. Use the other tools you have (many of you are charming, I’m sure) to deescalate the situation before it gets out of hand.


3. Find Another Way

Walk out of the room. Pull a fire alarm. Take the stairs instead of the elevator with that guy who you know wants to have the chance to get you alone to beat you up—whatever. Now, I’m not saying to pull a fire alarm in a hospital, but you get the point.

Another thing you can do is take some hand-to-hand self-defense classes. I think everyone should know how to fight—how to protect themselves; especially women, but your gender doesn’t matter. Learn to box, learn a martial art. Basic hand-to-hand self-defense is both a good way to work out and can potentially save your life.


Stay safe (and armed if you can), my friends.



Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to use an alternative means of self-defense? Let me know about it in the comments.