If you ever had a reason to buy another gun, here it is.

If you’ve carried for a while, you probably already know that there are many different weapon characteristics and other circumstances that are considered when you gear up for your day. During the summer, if you’re like me, you probably want to put on a pair of sneakers, shorts and a t-shirt. In contrast, during the winter you’ve probably got a sweater, shirt, pants, and boots (plus probably a coat).

Okay so what does this have to do with getting another gun? Well, let’s say you have a G43 and you’ve been eyeing the G17 or even a 1911. Winter is the perfect time to get that full size to strap on for concealed carry. Who’s going to pass up carrying an extra 7+ rounds? (single stack G43 vs double stack G17) If you have a slight build, winter is also the time you’re definitely going to be wearing more clothes. Which means that full size pistol is going to have better concealability and less printing.

In contrast, during the summer if you get the G43, or even a small .32mm, you have the option to carry with a good pocket holster you can easily and comfortably (and safely) carry in a pair of shorts.

Brass Tacks—Pros and Cons of Switching Seasonally (Smaller caliber switched for a Full Size):

  • Heavier Weapon (might pull down your pants; leading to:)
  • Belt is a MUST
  • Bulkier than a smaller pistol
  • Different carry style (in case you guys always carry the same regardless)
  • Keeps you versatile
  • More practice/trigger time (Can’t pass up more range time)
  • Another gun (YES!)
  • Higher Round Capacity


No matter which season you carry in, the point is to keep yourself armed, and stay concealed. Hopefully, this helps remind you of your options.


What’s your favorite full-size pistol? Has this convinced you to carry it this winter?