I was walking around one of those outdoor malls the other day. I believe they are called promenades. (I thought that was just a square dance move.)

I was talking to a church buddy about guns and stuff. He knew I did this blog but that’s about all he knew. We have never discussed what I carry or what he carries.


-Til this past weekend.-


Let me preface this by saying I was in boardshorts and a thin fabric t-shirt, it gets humid easily here.

I found out he carries appendix a Glock 43… with no holster! I about freaked, you know how much I push concealment holsters.

Anyways, about that time I was telling him about my XDs, and how I prefer strong side carry. But since I was not wearing a belt, my XDs was in my pocket today.

At this point his son walks up and practically yells-


You have a gun? Where?


The son, 9 years old, then begins to pat me down in the middle of this ‘promenade’ and his father thinks it is the funniest thing ever.

Then I got to thinking, wow this must really be a good holster if he can pat me down and still not find it .

After the dad stops the interrogation, I slide my hand in my pocket and made sure that it was still secure.

No one had even noticed our little scene, thank goodness.


I will say this though, if you can be in a public setting and a nosy kid can’t notice your gun, then chances are no one else will notice it.

So, for you grip grabbers or pocket patters.

You know who you are!


Stop touching it. No one notices, no one cares. Don’t readjust your holster, if you must- go to a bathroom or something.

Leave your gun alone and that is the best way to

Carry Smart.

Carry Concealed.