Well, my friends, the summer is just about over, which means its about the time you start switching out your concealed carry ammunition.


We’ve discussed before that extreme heat and extreme cold can affect your everyday CCW and the ammunition you keep in your magazines. And what can you do with ammo that needs replacing? I’m glad you asked! Now’s the perfect time to go to the range. Take those cartridges and use them for a plinking session at your favorite range.


You may be asking, “Are my bullets bad?”


No! It’s just that ammunition that has been exposed to extreme temperatures are less reliable than a new box of bullet’s that have been sitting in a warehouse at a constant and stable 75 degrees, or on a shelf at temperature controlled retail store. What I mean by “less reliable” is that you are more likely to have a faulty primer because it is most susceptible to extreme temperature and moisture.

Another thing to consider is cleaning your CCW, and taking a good, hard look at your everyday carry holster. Think about it this way, your CCW and  your holster are being exposed to sweat, oils, dirt, lint, dust, etc. All of which are corrosive or volatile to your ammunition, holster, and pistols.


So take this opportunity as an excuse to take your CCW to the range! Give it a good cleaning and make sure your holster is up to snuff. (If it’s sagging in places or not holding into your pistol tightly, then it may be time to get another one.)


Another thing to consider, is if you’ve been carrying one pistol for summer and prefer to carry a larger pistol for winter, then you might want to take your winter-carry pistol to the range, too. Making sure that you’re still in practice to use your CCW comfortably, safely, and quickly is vital. Personally, I carry a pocket pistol during the summer, and my full size 1911 during the winter. So, I’ll be off to the range!


Stay armed and stay safe, my friends!



What pistol do you like to carry during the winter? What about during the summer? Are they different, or are they the same?