In Salt Lake City, UT an employee of a Quiznos thwarted a take-down style armed robbery with her use of a firearm.

There was one employee at the cash register, and one in the back room when one female and two male assailants entered the restaurant with two firearms locking the door behind them. One dirtbag tried to steal cash from the register while the other two went to for the back room. However, one of the employees in the back room used their body to barricade the door, preventing the robbers from entering.

After one of the bad guys had done some pushing on the door, the employee at the register pulled out a gun and fired multiple times. One shot went through a window and the other struck the female perpetrator in the neck. This caused the other two slimebags to tuck tail and run.

The SLC Police Department has only identified one person of interest in their investigation—a Cody Shane Durrant, 36, and are seeking another unidentified perp described as “a Hispanic male, 30-40, with short hair.” The wounded robber is still in the hospital in critical condition.

Detective Greg Wilking explained that this type of robbery is “extreme” and described it as rare. “It’s much more dangerous for everyone involved,” Wilking told reporters.

Thankfully, the use of the employee’s self-defense firearm prevented an already dangerous and terrifying situation from escalating into anything further.

This is a sticky situation that could’ve gone in multiple directions. Like the Detective expressed—this situation was extreme and not something that occurs very often. Personally, this the reason I concealed carry every day; no matter where I’m going.  Although the female employee didn’t put all her shots in one group, she did a fine job of deterring these predators. I would remind all of you to get your butts out to the range and keep sharp, however. Keep your eyes and ears open, friends.


When you’re on the job, if you’re allowed to concealed carry, what do you typically keep in the hostler?