As a first-time concealed carrier, the first time—as many of you remember—you went grocery shopping, standing in line, you were sure someone was going to notice. And then what? What were you going to say? So, you grabbed your items and checked out as quickly as possible. When you got into the car, a wave of relieve washed over you? Or did you feel like me; like I was worrying about nothing?

Yeah. Nothing. Because everyone was too wrapped up in their own business. That feeling of “everyone knows I have a gun” come from “discovery anxiety.” The first time carrying, we ask ourselves “what will I do if someone find out?” But if you’re following your states laws, and someone “finds you out,” there are two things that can happen. If you’re on private property, 1) they can ask you to leave or 2) call the police (which you have no obligation to wait for the authorities to arrive, according to the law). Other than that, if you’re following the law, don’t worry. So, the best advice I can give you is to stay informed.

Don’t worry over every bump and corner of your gun. You want to know what people are going to notice? If you sling your AR over your shoulder and walk into your local grocery store. People are not aware of their environments anymore. Now you may get some raised eye brows (depending where you live), if your shirt hikes up over your gun while you’re in public. But that’s also bad concealing.

Unless someone you meet knows what they’re looking at, no one is going to notice. Carry that full size .45; carry your micro. I don’t care. The point here is to carry and to be concealed. This is not an article about how you shouldn’t care about concealing your weapon. Actually, it’s the opposite. If you walk around like something is wrong (being super cautious, or paranoid) you are, in fact, drawing attention to yourself. Have confidence. Act normal. And of course, don’t worry. Stay concealed, friends.


When was the last time you felt “discovery anxiety,” especially out at a grocery store?