Let’s be honest here, folks. There are times in this world that it is absolutely impractical to carry that double-stack, full size, five-inch barrel, “insert favorite gun model here.” In the crazy world we live in, there’s no way I can walk around with my G19 on my waistband. So, either the alternative is to walk around unarmed (which I’m not recommending) or to carry a pistol—specifically a small caliber pistol—deeply concealed.

Let’s Talk Pocket Guns

There’s a huge list and varieties of pistols that other shooters swear by. I’m not going to be listing any because the point here is just a smaller caliber. We can work on a list of ideal pocket guns, later (leave me a comment with your favorite). I’d select a pistol in the 380 range, but even my wife Amy’s summer carry pistol (.38 special, snub nose) would be adequate. Small caliber revolvers are my go-to for pocket carry because they are smaller, easier to carry and can still have a larger caliber.

Now, there are some shooters who believe that a 380 is inadequate defense tool, but I want to point out that it’s definitely better than the alternative of walking around—say your daughter’s wedding (wearing a tux)—unarmed. That’s the point here. We don’t want to be unarmed but there and there are certain situations where carrying your full size in and IWB holster isn’t going to work. So, regardless of the caliber, smaller is better for deep concealment.

Deep Concealment

There are pros and cons that go with deep concealment methods. It is important to remember that if you have to draw your weapon, you’re going to go on autopilot, meaning that you’re going to reach where you’ve practiced using your muscle memory to draw from where you’re used to drawing from. However, sometimes you may need to carry your pistol somewhere other than your usual.

Some of the common places for deep concealment are in the pocket (with a good pocket holster), on the ankle, in a belly band, or a small-footprint IWB like you would your larger pistol. Now, the point here though is that you’re carry your smaller pistol over your larger because there’s a necessity for it due to an event, activity, or wardrobe. I wouldn’t suggest carrying in multiple locations because it is important to carry in the same location consistently for the sake of muscle memory I mentioned above.

One of the cons to deep concealment (sometimes) is that the better (or deeper) the concealment, the less access you have to it. My advice is to experiment with different deep concealment methods that are versatile for dress while still offering concealment. It’ll take some time and practice, but this is the best way to figure out what you’re needs are. Stay safe, and stay armed my friends.


What is your favorite deep concealment method and pistol, and why?