Earlier this year, in May, a pawn shop clerk was opening up for the day when two armed men walk into the store. The clerk was moving a bicycle out from a nearby storage room when the dirtbags walked in.

One robber immediately put a gun in the face of the clerk—the dirtbag now identified as a 40-year-old from Colorado—and ordered him to get on the ground. The clerk complied, putting his hands up and dropping the bicycle.

The second robber walked by the cases with a hammer and a bag; we can speculate that he had the intension of breaking the cases to remove their contents.

When the 40-year-old looked away to close the shop door, the clerk immediately and quietly slide into the storage room and pulled his concealed handgun. The dirtbag jumped over the bike and followed him into the storage room, where the clerk fired several times wounding the 40-year-old.

After hearing the shots, the other robber leapt over a counter, running like he was on fire, out of the pawn shop. The clerk is seen jogging past the surveillance camera (likely to call the police).


I recently posted about a young woman who encountered a single assailant in a similar situation, however, she did not have her self-defense pistol with her and, probably like this man, was scared for her life.

Luckily in both these cases the threat either left or was neutralized. In this particular case, the clerk acted rightly and quickly which potentially saved his life. From a tactical position, it is equally terrifying to have to retreat into what looks to be a small storage room to retrieve his weapon, without a way of escape, except through a bad guy with a gun.

Regardless, in this situation, he acted accordingly, and, in the end, he left the encounter alive. Shaken, but alive. My advice would be to have him keep his pistol on his person.

Stay armed and stay safe out there my friends.



What other advice could we give this guy? Let me know in the comments.