In West Valley City, Utah, a man went to a gas station to browse the Redbox outside at around 11pm. Another man entered the gas station to purchase a beer and according to the cashier, he appeared to be in a hurry.

Lieutenant Jeff Conger of the West Valley City Police described the incident that followed:

“That man then left the store and stood directly behind the man at the Redbox and for some unknown reason, pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the neck.”

After the victim was stabbed, he went to his vehicle, grabbed his pistol and shot the suspect multiple times. The suspect was later identified as David Tuipulotu Vea, and was struck by one of the victim’s bullets. Vea fled the scene but was discovered by K-9 officers after police arrived on the site.

Both the victim and Vea were taken to hospitals with significant wounds, but have both been released. Lt. Conger booked 21-year-old Vea into the county jail for felony aggravated assault and possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person.

Lt. Conger said that the victim would most likely not face any charges. As to Vea’s motive for the stabbing, one has not been released.


First of all, I know we’re all thinking it—the victim went to his vehicle, dug out his pistol and then shot the assailant. That shouldn’t have had to been done. He should have had his pistol on him. He, unfortunately, could have lost his life had he not had his pistol in the first place. From the details of the incident, it seems the victim probably could not have avoided being stabbed, but the dirtbag probably would have had three or more to the face, rather than wounds that allowed him to flee.

Keep yourself armed, and stay safe out there, my friends.



Does this story make you never want to get out of the car without your gun? Yeah, me too.