The newest addition to the M&P polymer pistol line has arrived with the M&P M2.0. According to Smith and Wesson, the pistol has “innovative features in nearly every aspect” from stem to stern, or rather, trigger to muzzle.

All About Details

One of the first features of note is a fine-tuned, crisper trigger, a lighter pull with a nice click of the audible reset. Another set of features include new and extended, stainless-steel chassis and “high grip to bore axis ratio” for lower muzzle rise and quicker aim recovery.

The pistol also comes in three different calibers with an aggressively textured grip and includes four interchangeable palmswell inserts. This will almost guarantee prime grip and trigger control. It also has an Armornite finish, which is cool, classic, and rust resistant. There are new forward cocking serrations located on the front end of the slide and a beavertail is included on the two largest backstraps inserts. The M2.0 has some less noticeable modification, such as a spring-loaded detent for the slide-release leaver; this is intended to “prevent auto-forwarding” or prevent the slide from dropping when met with the slamming home-force of a magazine.

Fortunately, if you have M&P holsters, your M2.0 will still fit; your M&P magazines are also compatible. One other feature that the M2.0 holds over from its predecessor is the internal sear-release lever for simple fieldstripping.

So, if you’ve been avoiding M&P, here’s the gun that deserves a second look.


Alright friends, tell me about your favorite compact pistols; you think the M2.0 is a rival?