Have you ever had to do a whole lot of physical activity and still wanted to concealed carry? Well, if you have, I know exactly how you feel.

Similar to carrying while going on vacation, carrying your CCW can be somewhat of a chore while you’re trying to move either your whole house, or one of your kids into college. Here recently my wife and I were helping one of our kids move so she could study at UCLA. (I never thought a 20-year-old could have so much stuff!)

One of the struggles I had was carrying my full-size 1911 while trying to pick boxes up, put them in the vehicle, &etc. Now, I’m no spring-chicken, but I carry my own. When I say I struggled, I mean that as I bent over, multiple times in a row, my pistol began digging into me uncomfortably. Part of that is my problem, I didn’t move my pistol enough behind the hip.

At the end of the day I was uncomfortable and couldn’t wait to get out of the car to take my rig off. My wife suggested that I just put my 1911 in the glove box and relax, but I didn’t want to have my pistol out of arms-reach, even though I really wanted to get some relief. Eventually, I loosened a notch on my belt while I was in the car, then readjusted when we got out.

One of the things I just want to suggest to you guys is to remember to carry for whatever activity you have for that day. With all the holster options today, there’s no reason why any of us should be walking around with our CCWs in an uncomfortable position for our frames.



If you’ve ever encountered a similar situation where you didn’t “dress for the day” what did you do about it? Let me know in the comments!