I have said it many times before—there are multiple self-defense tools, not just situational awareness. Now, don’t get me wrong, situational awareness is a both a tool and a skill—that absolutely needs to be honed. We’ve talked about your voice being a self-defense tool, but one that we haven’t covered is movement. Whether it’s to find cover or to put some distance between you and the threat, movement is an essential self-defense tool to consider.



I’ll admit it: I’m one of the guys that’ll say “Well, I don’t run—that’s why I carry a gun.” And I mean that. Running is awful (and I don’t trust anyone who actually likes to run… KIDDING… maybe). ANYway—but one thing you need to consider is that a moving target is more difficult to shoot at, and if the potential threat has a hand weapon (like a knife), then they have to catch you to cut you.


Things to Consider

Have you ever tried to shoot while moving, at a moving target? I have—and let me tell you, it’s not a walk in the park. Also, consider the way the you carry your CCW. Can you draw while moving? If you pocket carry, can you get your hand in your pocket while running, not to mention get your hand and your pistol back out of your pocket?

Now, I realize that none of these are easy to practice and that even at some ranges, you are limited to standing still and shooting at your target. Now, I’m not condemning ranges for these rules—because they are for safety and they should be in place. What I want my readers to consider is that even though you may not enjoy running, like myself, but you may need to in a self-defense situation.

My advise is to practice in your backyard while dry firing, or ask one of your buddies with a large, open field if you can do some practice with live fire (be safe, though).


Stay armed and stay safe out there, my friends.



If you needed to, could you get your CCW out of its holster while moving? Have you tried? Discuss in the comments!