Seattle, WA – Earlier this year, on a rainy February afternoon, 24-year-old Aubrey Bowlin had to defend herself from the most violent attack of road rage she had ever experienced in her life.

Bowlin took I-5 home, after work to get ready for a date that evening, on her motorcycle.

Her first trouble with a road-raging driver began around Milton; a car stayed on her tail and stopped within feet of her motorcycle. Bowlin stated that at this point she made a “what are you doing?” gesture to the driver, rather than giving him the “middle finger.”

She tries to get away from the driver, but regardless of her efforts he continues to rage and follow her. The driver, identified as 60-year-old Bruce Jones, continued driving on the left-hand shoulder, trying to ram the left side of Bolwin as she continues to escape. He continues this for another few miles with his wife in the passenger seat, “shocked”

At the next slowdown, Bowlin had stopped and looked in astonishment into her mirrors. Jones had stopped his vehicle and was coming toward her. She put her kickstand down, getting ready to defend herself. Jones was taller and outweighed Bowlin, plus she was wearing a tracksuit which hindered her movement.

First, Jones hit her with a chest bump. Bowlin headbutted him with her helmet still on, which sent him into the guard rail. He proceeded to try and wrestle her helmet off violently.

Eventually, Jones gets Bowlin on the ground in the fetal position, against the barrier, pushing his full weight down on her. The tightness of her helmet’s chinstrap started causing her to fade in and out of consciousness—as Jones tried to choke her to death (since he couldn’t get her helmet off).

“If he had gotten my helmet off, I would’ve been dead,” she stated to KIRO radio’s Dori Monson.

Then, she remembered she had her concealed carry weapon and knew that she had to save her life.

She managed to pull her pistol out of her jacket and fired, fatally hitting Jones in the abdomen. By this time, other drivers were out of their vehicles to help Bowlin. She crawled away, and puked. She told bystanders who were coming to help her to help Jones, who was lying on the ground a few feet away.

“I was fighting for my life, and that’s what the whole point of having a concealed weapons permit and having a firearm is — to solely defend your life, because I thought he was going to take mine,” she said.


Friends, this case fills me with mixed emotions. I can only imagine how this young woman must have felt. However, I cannot excuse Jones. Road rage, passed cursing in your vehicle is illogical and ridiculous. Based on what I have read about this situation, Bowlin had done nothing outrageous that might have cause serious insult to another driver. She defended herself with her concealed carry weapon after she had both tried to escape on her motorcycle, and escape after Jones attacked her.

As a note here, I want to remind all of you to keep a cool head while driving. As a concealed carrier, you have a responsibility to stay calm and alert. Also, for those of you who have road rage, remember that more and more people are concealed carrying and if this had happened to me or my loved ones, you bet that we would all have defended ourselves in the same fashion.


Stay armed and stay safe out there my friends.



Have you ever been confronted with a driver that tried to run you off the highway? Tell me your story in the comments!