On September 3rd, a man was charged with discharging a firearm after University City Police said the man accidentally fired his gun while inside the local grocery store. Apparently, the man was carrying his weapon in the waistband of his pants without a holster. When the gun began slipping, he tried to keep it from falling to floor. The gun discharged a single round into his leg, ricocheted off the floor and was lodged into the ceiling. He was treated for his non-life-threatening leg injury.

This is exactly reason why it is greatly important to buy and use a holster with your weapon. Not to mention what could have happened had the man accidentally discharged his weapon while it was still tucked into the waistband of his pants. If he had his weapon in a holster, the gun would not have slipped at all.

Having a holster, and a good one at that, is imperative to your safety, as well as others.

As a result of this incident, shoppers at the grocery store (and people who have viewed the news coverage) have started questioning their safety. I want to remind all of you—as concealed carry holders it is our responsibility to carry safely for ourselves and the people around us. We singularly represent conceal carriers as a whole especially when an incident occurs. So it is important to be prepared; I’ll assume that you all know to gear up and secure your weapon before you leave the house.

It is unknown whether this man had a concealed carry license or not, but I would assume that since he was not securing his firearm properly, he likely did not have one. Unfortunately, his actions shed a bad light on those of us who do carry, which is why I’m writing this now. I greatly disagree with this man’s actions. And I caution and remind my friends and those who agree with me, to continue to be an example and to inform others.

Now we all have heard those stories about when reholstering someone has unfortunately shot themselves in the leg or buttocks. This could have resulted in a similar story.


What good reason is there for not using a holster?