Twenty-four year-old Ricky Higgs signaled the local police and told them he had been shot.

Higgs had a visible wound in his right arm and was taken to receive medical attention. Higgs claimed that he was shot whilst walking up to a house located in the area of Pecan Lane.

An investigation later revealed that was not the case…

When the police went to the scene of the crime, they located the shooter.

The shooter’s name is Briana Lewis. She then proceeded to explain to the authorities what had actually transpired.

Higgs had previously physically assaulted Briana Lewis, his ex-girlfriend, and she filed a protection order against him.

The morning of the shooting, Higgs had broken into her residence and proceeded to start a fight. Lewis confessed to shooting Higgs saying she was in fear for her own safety. Lewis was taken into custody.

After confirming Lewis’ story with an eyewitness, they released Lewis and Higgs was taken into custody on multiple charges.

• Residential Burglary
• 3rd Degree Domestic Battery
• Violation of a Protection Order
• An outstanding warrant for burglary from the county.

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