Last week in Maplewood, Minnesota, two robbers entered Princess Liquors before 8 p.m. where they attempted to rob the store. When they began assaulting a liquor store employee, another employee confronted the two dirtbags firing his weapon, striking one of the assailants.

Both robbers fled the liquor store, however police found the injured robber, later identified as Willie Young-Ferba, 23, of Chicago, a short distance from the scene. Young-Ferba was transported to Regions Hospital, but later died from a gunshot wound. The employee who was assaulted is expected to recover.

Young-Ferba had apparently just moved to Maplewood from Chicago; his accomplice is still at large and the investigation continues.


If you check the laws as frequently as I do, you’ll know that this robbery could have taken a dark turn, quickly. Not every liquor store allows their employees to carry. Alcohol regulations vary from state to state where it is legal, or not, to carry where alcohol is stored.

The second thing here is that the employees were carrying at work (regardless of the location). If you have the ability to, you absolutely should carry work. What I mean here about “if you have the ability” is if the law allows it. Some places like federal buildings (courthouses, etc.), and schools, depending on the laws in your state, are prohibited or have certain requirements. Always, always, always check the laws of your state; I can’t beat this drum enough.

Stay safe and stay armed, my friends.



In the last few months, how often have you carried at work on a scale of 1 (being none) to 10 (being every day)? Let me know in the comments!


Original story and photo: Fox9