How many of you have been in a fight? If you ever have, you’ll know firsthand some of the advice here and hopefully affirm some of your experience.

I won’t get on my soapbox about situational awareness, but when we talk about tactics—any tactics—your first line of defense is observation. In many situations, let’s say in a purse snatching, a mugging, or maybe even getting jumped outside your favorite late-night haunt, dirtbags aren’t always alone even if they may appear to be. These predators know it’s better to work in groups.

There are so many different opinions out there on ways to avoid being surrounded and how to get out of bad situations. The important thing I want to stress, however, is to do everything you can to get out of the situation. Remember: your weapon is your last resort. If you see a weapon, use your judgement. In the concealed carry world, we all agree: shoot to stop the threat.

Some tactics that you can use, however, if you need them include:


Keep moving.

It’s difficult to attack a moving target, of course, but it’s more important for you to not be where the dirtbags want you. The element of surprise is a concealed carrier’s best tool (it’s also part of the concealed tactic). You need to be in a position of your choosing. My suggestion is to retreat, but not in a straight line.


Use Cover

Whether the assailant is armed or not, it’s better to have something between you and them plus the added protection. Concealment in cover also makes you hard to see and thus not where they want you.


Use Your Head & Words

Your voice is a self-defense tool, too. Make noise. If a guy asks for your wallet, respond in a raised, stern voice. If you find yourself under a guy, yell for him to get off you.

Also, keep your head. A clear head is also among your many tools.



Out of the many others tactics, which other basics should be added to this list?