In Moline, Illinois this week, a woman was in her parked vehicle at a shopping mall and was attacked by a man who fought into her car, wielding a knife. According to police, the man slashed the woman’s arm with the knife, then ordered her to drive to Rock Island County.

Once they arrived, the woman stopped her car and was finally able to reach her concealed carry weapon. After the dirtbag saw her weapon, he ran away and she was able to drive herself to the hospital.

Police opened an investigation and arrested 61-year-old Floyd R. May. May was charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated battery with a weapon, unlawful use of a weapon by a felon and aggravated assault. He currently resides in Rock Island County Jail on bond.


As concealed carry holders, we must remember that drawing our weapon is a last resort. We are to deescalate a situation as much as possible with the knowledge with drawing our weapon could potentially escalate the situation. Most of the time, however, just the draw and showing of our weapon serves as a deterrent. I’m glad in this case, the woman got to her gun, frightened her attacker, then got herself some medical attention.

Just a reminder for you guys, please remember to only unlock the door you’re using to enter your vehicle. Before you even leaving the store, be sure to leave your dominate hand free so you can easily get to your concealed carry weapon. Also, keep an eye out for people loitering around your vehicle or nearby. It’s getting closer to the holiday season, so there are going to be more and more predators out there. Be safe out there friends.

Any good tactics for getting safely out of this kind of situation?

Photo: yanalya / Freepik