As a concealed carry holder, it is important to keep your weapon when you go out, but at home as well. Maybe it’s even more important at home, because that’s where our families are, right? And that’s also where you spend most of your time with your loved ones.

There are plenty of people that just keep their firearms in desk drawers, leaned up in corners, and in other places. This isn’t good gun safety, however. Sure, I’m an advocate for having a gun in every room, but it should be secure.

If you have kids, you definitely need to have a secure place to keep your weapons. There are companies making furniture that keep your weapons, both pistols and long arms, concealed and secure. They make headboards, coffee tables, side tables, and others with secret compartments for all weapon sizes. But if you don’t have kids, it’s still important to keep your weapons secure from unnecessary access, which keeps you and yours safe. In short, only you (or the people you carefully select) should have access to your guns.

When it comes to long arms, specifically ones that you don’t use all the time like your Hunting rifles and shotguns, you should keep them in a gun safe in an interior room of your house. This safe should be located in an interior room so that it is more difficult for thieves to wrap a chain around the safe and pull it through a window (or the wall) with a truck. Now, remember, the purpose of your pistol is to get to your long arm. So where, along and interior wall, would you have the easiest and quickest access? Only you can answer that, but that’s where I would put my safe.

Now, friends, I know you’re going to keep your gun wherever you want, just practice gun safety and keep yourself armed.


Where do you like to keep your weapon at home? I keep mine in a compartment in my head board!