Most guns nowadays do not have an active safety. They have a passive safety.


Springfield has the Grip Safety, which ensures you have a good firing grip in order to access the slide in any way.

Only problem with that is I can only use the XDs because I have smaller hands and I can not reach the mag release with the grip safety still activated.

You should not have to move your hand from a firing grip in order to reload.

H&K and a few others have trigger activated safeties, this ensures you apply positive pressure to the trigger in order to fire the weapon. Prevents you from accidentally hitting the trigger.

Glock has the LCI, this is a mechanism that rises above the weapon that provides a visual and tactile assurance that the weapon is loaded.


There are a few that still have manual active safeties like the 1911 pistols of old.

The safety I am referring to is a switch on the side of the frame that prevent the slide from being released and the trigger being fully activated.


With so many manufacturers getting away from the manual active safety, is it still a feasible option for an EDC gun?


Were you trained on a 1911?


If you were trained on a 1911 pistol then you have already developed that muscle memory.

It is not impossible if you can train your thumb to deactivate the safety selector when you draw the firearm from its holster.

If you could easily forget, then it is not advisable. It could potentially be an issue.

Like I have mentioned before you should train in the manner you would perform.

It is up to you. There is no right or wrong answer.

Just make sure that you train yourself to accommodate that safety.


Do you carry an EDC with a manual safety?


Carry Smart.

Carry Concealed.