Last Tuesday night near Houston, Texas, a pregnant wife had just arrived home when she was accosted by two armed robbers. She had just pulled into the driveway and exited her vehicle when the two robbers took her purse and proceeded to force her into the house.

Luckily her husband was home.

He had apparently heard a commotion outside and his wife’s screams, and then sprang into action. He took his pistol that he keeps for personal defense and exchanged gunfire with the gunmen.

During the exchange, one robber was shot in the head; the other fled the scene, according to police.

The injured robber was taken to the hospital and rushed into surgery. Luckily, neither the man nor his wife were injured during the exchange of gunfire.

The man later admitted that he couldn’t remember how many shots he fired or even what the attackers looked like, “it all happened too fast.”



Above is an instance of the night we hope never comes. The night where we have to protect the one’s we love from predators and dirtbags who lurk around waiting to spring on helpless victims. This was probably that husband’s worst nightmare, that fortunately resulted without innocent casualties. I commend this man for having the instinct to immediately act, rather than hesitate and risk the lives of his wife and unborn child.

As far as not remembering the details of a traumatic event, this is absolutely normal. It takes the brain longer than a few hours to completely process such an event—even the trained one. Hopefully after this experience, he encouraged his wife to start on her own path to self-defense.

On one note, I am curious as to why the two dirtbags didn’t know there was someone home. Had they made it into the house, or had the husband not been home, there’s no telling what could have happened and I doubt it would have been simple robbery.




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