In the world we live in there are two kinds of people—friends and strangers. Both of which can be handsy, whether that’s in a friendly way or otherwise. And these contacts are either consensual or non-consensual. As concealed carriers, we are all mindful of who touches our person and how; even in a crowed room, it is inevitable that someone might bump into and in some cases it’s unavoidable. Accidentally having your CCW accidentally touched or pressed by anyone is a situation we should know how to react.



In some cases when a stranger puts their hands on you, it is normally intended to be friendly, nonconfrontational, etc. And some of us might now be down for this type of contact.

Once at a local diner, I had a stranger playfully elbow my side and came in contact with my 1911. They were shocked. Eyes wide with amazement. But I simply ignored it and they quickly finished their meal and left. Which in most cases, you should ignore it.

Now if someone puts their hands on you while out, the simple thing to do is to ask them to keep their hands to themselves. Some might respond in shock—seeing they did nothing wrong, as they were trying to be friendly. You may then respond with “I like my own space.” In most cases you will be met with understanding, even if they don’t quite understand why.

In other cases where a stranger who seems aggressive, the same tactic should be use: “Please keep your hands to yourself.” Then proceed by giving yourself, and the stranger, some space to prevent the situation from escalating, even if that means completely relocating yourself to a different diner.



Sometimes, especially in women who carry, you might be met with a hug that might render the other party touching your CCW by mistake. In this case it is up to individual to come up with an excuse or to simply ignore it. If you happen to come in contact with a friend who also carries, you won’t need to worry about making an excuse, you both will simply pass a smile and continue you.


As always, stay armed, and stay safe out there, my friends.



Have you ever been in a situation where someone inadvertently touched your CCW? How did you handle it? Let me know in the comments.