If you’re like me, you’ve been racking your brain trying to figure out a way to get your wife, girlfriend, fiancé, aunt, sister, daughter, whomever of the female persuasion, to the range—much less get a concealed carry license. But guess what: more and more women are interested in firearms and self-defense nowadays.

Maybe she doesn’t like guns; or maybe she’s afraid of them. But, I have news for you: it’s fine. Having a respect for firearms is healthy. Indiana Jones and I have a very healthy respect for snakes. It’s the same thing. Snakes and guns are dangerous! Guns are use in defense against predators—both four legged and two legged (and slithering). This is a great opportunity to show whoever your lady is that firearms are nothing to be afraid of, but simply to have respect. Alright, you’ve read this far, so I’m sure you’re asking:

“Okay, how the heck to I get her familiar with firearms, then?”

Well, that’s easy.

1. Take Her on a Date to the Range

Not with your buddies, or your relatives. Just you and her. It’s a date. You want to teach her about something that you love—that you are passionate about (which she will appreciate). Plus, she might feel more comfortable without a whole bunch of people to distract her. This approach might be better if she’s worried of embarrassing herself in front of others, too. Now, here’s the deal, though: don’t make her do or try anything unless she wants to. Put her in some hearing protection while you do some shooting. This will get her used to it; then, ask if she wants to try it out for herself.

Now, my wife doesn’t have very big hands, so she doesn’t like to shoot my 1911. The grip doesn’t fit comfortably in her hands, so she feels uncomfortable—worrying that she doesn’t have proper control of the weapon (this is something that could potentially scare your lady off from wanting to shoot). So, keep that in mind when you offer to let her shoot. Now, she might surprise us both and love it. Or she’ll be uncomfortable. Don’t limit her from trying if she’s willing, but don’t force her to shoot a full-sized pistol “just because.” So maybe have a smaller caliber on hand for her to try.

2. Tell Her Why She Should Carry

Make your lady a cup of coffee, or tea, or get her a soda (or a beer—whatever) and sit her down. Tell her all the reasons you have for wanting her to have a concealed carry license. “BUT MARSHAL, WHAT DO I SAY?” Alright, alright. You might be the stoic type—but this is important.

You want her to be independent, right? You want her to be able to protect herself, her family (which might be yours too), to be your back-up, right? Listen guys, your buds aren’t sharing a home and a life with you 24/7, but she might (if it’s your wife, girlfriend, fiancé, etc. we’re talking about here). So, in this crazy world of ours, you’re probably going to need some back up. Tell her you want her to be your back-up. Trust me—it’ll mean a whole lot to her than you just saying, “because it’s awesome.” Listen, you’re not always going to be there for her, so she needs to be able to take care of herself

3. Get Her Set-Up

Before she gets her license (that is, if the previous 2 ways have succeeded in convincing her), buy her a pistol she likes and fits her; get her all set up for going to the range to practice; get her a holster and extra magazine; &etc. Now, she won’t have an excuse. Answer all her questions—even if she asks the same one a million times. Take her to the range as much as she wants—maybe even make it a regular date. If you have confidence in her, she will have confidence in herself. I can’t tell you how many times just reminding my wife that I am proud of her and that I am lucky to have such a brilliant, skilled, dead-shot has just simply made her blossom.

Now, I get it—this isn’t a “get-rich-quick scheme” thing, here. Every woman in your life is different, as you already know. They all have different opinions and feelings about firearms, and they are entitled to that opinion. But, listen: don’t push them. Give them the opportunity and support to make the decision for themselves.


If you were to pick a pistol for your lady, what would it be?