The reality is you can and should carry as big as possible.

There is a common misconception that only compact 9mm and .380s are suitable for concealed EDC.

That is simply not true.

There are 2 main considerations when considering gun size: concealability vs firepower.

Can it be concealed easily?

If your gun shows up or “prints” then it may not always be the gun, it may be your holster.

Check your rig before you start shopping for a different gun. There are holsters on the market that provide absolute concealment.

If you do have the right holster, then it may be where you are carrying. Figure out what is most comfortable for you.

Can you move around comfortably with your EDC in that position?

Can you run? Can you sit? Can you drive?

Most importantly, Can you draw your weapon quickly?

So it’s not the holster and it’s not the position, must be the gun-right?

Nope, even with the right holster, you can still print. Another cause for printing… your clothes.

If you are wearing form-fitting clothing then as the name implies, the fabric will fit your form (or the form of what you are trying to conceal).

Take that into consideration the next time you go into your closet.

Okay, those 3 are the most common reasons why you may “print”. It is not always the size of the gun.

Concealment holsters are designed to accommodate your firearm.

If you carry comfortably and appropriately, you have less chance of “printing”.

When you dress smartly, concealed carry is accomplished much easier.

Is it enough firepower?

The whole purpose of carrying Every Single Day is to be ready for any situation. Tactical or Surprise. Obviously, 12 bullets are better than 6 in a shootout. Although you can’t always carry the bigger gun, we should try to carry as much ammo as possible.

That sounds like common sense.

What about choosing to have a single-stack vs. a double-stack, a flush-fit mag vs. an extended mag, or whether to carry a spare mag in your EDC load-out.

These can be some of the most difficult decisions possible when choosing an EDC gun, but here’s the good part.


It is all a personal decision. You have to balance concealment with firepower.

You can carry however you want. I do recommend always having a backup gun, but it is not my job to tell you that one gun is better for EDC than another.

Carry Smart

Carry Concealed