We talked around the holidays about concealed carrying at home. But I want to talk about it again.

Many of us have families—so my question is why wouldn’t you carry at home? That’s the exact place where you hang out with the most important people in your life.

I know—some of you may have questions, like “What if I’m playing with my kids and my gun winds up on the floor?” Unfortunately for you, if that’s the case, you need to find yourself a better holster. The most secure place away from your kids is either in your safe or on your person.

We all, also, know that the purpose of our side-arm is to get us to our long arm. And there are two instances where we are all the most vulnerable: sleeping and bathing.

While I sleep, there are plenty of places I can keep my pistol. Grant it, I don’t have kids in the house, but even if I did I would keep my CCW where I could have fast access to it. From there, I use my pistol to get to the shot gun I keep in my safe.

Now, in the shower… Well, that’s a little more complicated. There are plenty of things that could wreak havoc on a pistol whilst in a bathroom. This means that there are few options to storing a pistol. I’ve seen pictures of a Glock in a water-tight container, suction-cupped to the tile of (what I assume to be) a shower. For myself, I usually leave my bathroom door open with my shoulder holster and 1911 hanging on the top of the door.

Otherwise, I keep my pistol on me all the time. My wife Amy even keeps her CCW on while she cooks our family holiday dinners. I know some of you are skeptical, but stay safe and stay armed, my friends.



There are probably some of you a little more Magyver-esque than myself, so what are some other ways to keep yourself armed while in the shower? Let me know in the comments.