I am not going to lie, I felt like a Mythbuster while writing this…



There is a huge debate out there about Glocks.

There are some that believe that once you EDC a Glock, you can’t switch to another gun as your EDC because the muscle memory is too difficult to retrain.

So for the purposes of this article, I tested that theory.


I changed my EDCs for a month to a Glock 43 and a Glock 23.

Then I switched after that to the Glock 19 and Glock 42 for a month.

After the experiment, I switched back to the XDs I have been carrying for over 6 months.


These are my findings…

That is simply not accurate.

I had no problems whatsoever and because I enjoyed the G43 so much I now switch between XDs and G43 on a regular basis as my EDC.



I kind of understand why some would say that.

The machining is different and some of the functions are different.

Of course, there is also the fact that it is the choice of probably 90% of law enforcement and federal agencies.

A lot of off-duty officers and agents will carry a Glock out of uniform because that is the style of firearm they are accustomed to.

It is easier to go Glock to Glock but it is not impossible to go back to a non-Glock.


What do you carry?
Are you a Glock fan?
Have you tried to switch back and forth?

Let me know in the comments.

Whether it be a Glock or a non-Glock, make sure you always



Carry Smart.

Carry Concealed.