Earlier this year, in March, in Tyler, Texas a man attempted to rob a man and a woman at knife point. The assault was observed by a father and son duo who were both carrying their concealed weapons. Fortunately, there was no bloodshed. The duo pulled their CCW’s and instructed the man to get on the ground, else they use deadly force. The thief, 30-year-old Chad Boening, complied.

Boening was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

But wait. The plot thickens!


The duo not only stopped a robbery, or a potentially worse crime, but also uncovered a conspiracy. The female victim of the robbery was actually plotting with Boening to rob the male victim, according to KETK reporters.

The conspiracy was, together, rob the male victim that the woman had met online. This is the crime which the father and son concealed carriers stopped—not knowing there was a larger conspiracy at work. They saw danger, and reacted.

The woman, Jamie Hardy, was also arrested and charged with aggravated robbery.


When we talk about situational awareness, we never mention having someone there to back us up. Some may look at this situation and see “overkill,” crying “they both didn’t have to unholster.” No, no. Listen here. They were watching out for one another. They didn’t know how many threats there were. They were providing back up for each other. Remember, when we encounter any situation, we do not know all the variables and we must keep our eyes peeled for any additional danger.

I commend these gentlemen for taking action. Had they not been there, the male victim in this situation could have potentially be harmed and further scammed by Hardy.


When you go out, who’s your back-up?