When I was at the range a couple of months ago, I saw something that got me thinking.


This gentleman, walked up to the table.

Placed 4 magazines on top of the table along with 2 unopened boxes of 9mm ammo.

He then drew his gun from his holster and dropped the loaded magazine. Cleared the weapon, and reholstered it. Did something on his phone.

He then began to draw, drop, reload, aim, reholster, and started back over.

This went on for about 10 minutes, I know because his phone began ringing. I realized, he set an alarm to train his muscle memory with an unloaded gun.

So that made me reevaluate my CC training tendencies.


I had always done that with a new gun, but afterwards I would just…

  • Pull the gun and ammo out of range bag,
  • Send a few hundred bullets downrange,
  • Pack up and leave.

You have heard it before, practice how you will play/perform.

Now, I have started incorporating a timed agenda based on what I learned.


  • 15 Minutes- Train unloaded like the gentleman I witnessed.
  • 5 Minutes- Repeat with a full magazine.
  • 10 Minutes- Time myself drawing, racking the slide, and aiming. UNLOADED
  • 10 Minutes- Load the weapon and time myself drawing, racking the slide, and squeezing off 3 rounds.
  • Fire 100 rounds in each shooting stance.
  • Fire 100 rounds in unorthodox firing positions.
  • 10 more minutes of dry-training.


Hope this little piece was helpful.


So I ask you, how do you train?

Do you practice unloaded or do you just point and click like I used to?


Carry Smart.

Carry Concealed.