Those who concealed carry are, at some point, bound to be asked their opinions on concealed carry. The question is, how will you respond?

Someone noticing that you’re printing may force the subject, but it’s also likely to come up in a normal conversation.

Do You Carry a Firearm?

The response to this question may be subject to how well you know the person asking, and the environment in which you’re being asked.

For a fellow concealed carrier, I’m more comfortable with answering the question openly.

If you choose to answer this question, it may be advised to first evaluate the risk to personal security. I am reluctant to reveal whether or not I have a firearm on my person.

What Gun Do You Carry?

If the first question has already been asked, and your response indicated that you do carry a firearm, you may be asked what firearm you carry and if they can see it. When I answer “I can’t reveal that” and “no,”I often receive the followup question of, “why not?”

My response is that, when I’m not in a self defense situation, there is no call for me to display my firearm. Even among fellow concealed carriers, I am still reluctant to show my firearm – even while holstered.

My mindset with that is that, firstly, even in a gun-friendly environment, I can’t control my surroundings (such as, someone new bursting into the room, or someone I didn’t at first notice standing at a distance, but still within sight of my person). And, secondly, because I carry a pistol as a self defense tool, I keep it fully loaded. Being responsible about my firearms handling leads me to handle my carry gun as little as possible, unless a self defense situation were to arise, as until that kind of circumstance presents itself, I have no intention to fire.

When being questioned about whether or not I concealed carry, and from there, if I’m willing to display my carry gun, I first evaluate my audience. That includes the person (or persons) requesting that information, as well as those around me within visual and audio range. I also determine if answering those questions presents an [acceptable] threat to my security. For example, there is a difference between my dad asking if I’m carrying before we’ve left the house to travel somewhere and a colleague from work expressing their curiosity on the subject.

That difference factors into how I may respond.

If someone asked if you concealed carry, how would you respond?


Carry Smart.

Carry Concealed.