For the most part of our lives, it is unlikely that any of us will ever experience terrible instances or circumstances involving our neighbors. It is likely, however, that in the course of renting or buying a home you’ll end up dealing with a sketchy, noisy or worrisome situation in your neighborhood.

Now, the likelihood of ever needing to deal with bad neighbors with a gun is negligible at best. My stance, actually, is to deescalate the situation or to use an alternate means of dealing with the situation. But, on the off chance that you find a neighbor in your house armed with a knife or a gun, the use of your concealed carry pistol might come into play. As we have said in many a previous article, you should use your CCW as a last resort.


Now to the subject at hand:

One of the first things you should do is to always remain calm, regardless of the situation. Most of us won’t ever get to pick our neighbors and with life the way it currently is, there’s no telling what your neighbors are involved in whether it be innocent or criminal. Even those who dabble in drugs, dealing, loud parties, loud cars, burning trash in their yards, etc. live somewhere in the world. If they happen to live by you—do your best to mind your business and stay calm.

Should you ever feel the need, however, to call the police—say one of your neighbors have set fire to your trash—simply call the police. If there is no immediate violent threat to you or those on your property, find a different way of deescalating the situation.

Another thing, we live in the digital age. If you are being threaten on your property, you should defend yourself. But if you see something that could potentially be criminal, set up cameras on your property. It may not necessarily yield any evidence that could be used to prove anything, but its better to document, then to have no proof at all.

Above all, stay armed, and stay safe out there my friends.



Have you felt the need to set up cameras around your property? Why? Did you ever have to get your CCW involved? Let me know in the comments.