In November of 2017, a customer at a Porfirio’s II Pizza in Levittown, Pennsylvania was standing inside with two employees when two armed robbers entered the establishment.

The robbers told employees and the customer to get on the ground. One of the robbers began pistol-whipping the customer, who then pulled his Glock 19. He fired on both of the robbers, fatally injuring one with a shot to the chest and seriously injuring the other with one shot to the shoulder and another to the neck.

Fortunately, the customer was not seriously injured and was seen talking to detectives after the police arrived. The customer was not arrested, and charges were not filed against him. According to authorities his gun permit checked out, and Chief of Police Joseph Bartorilla (photo above) stated that the initial overview of the case shows the shooting was in self-defense.

The two robbers were apparently local residents, but their identities—including that of the customer—were not revealed (in the report I have access to).



I wanted to talk about this case in particular because in all the reports and articles that I read about this one case never refer to the customer as being a concealed carry license holder. They use wording like “gun permit.” How many cases has this detail been overlooked? How many of these cases are even noted in our media? It’s interesting to speculate how many reported incidents where a “good guy” with a gun is talked about in media, and yet no where is it mentioned whether or not that good guy had a CCL.

I advocate for getting your CCL because it means that you are responsible and have enough respect for your beliefs and ideals that you would go get additional training by a professional.

One thing I want to comment on, is that the customer didn’t draw his G19 until after he was being pistol whipped. The details are lacking from the report, but I would speculate that he didn’t draw until after the assault began because he either didn’t have the opportunity until then or perhaps was unaware that the robbers were armed. I would caution all of you to practice your situational awareness. One of the first of our many tools on the self-defense tool belt is surprise, and in this case, the man was waiting for the most opportune moment. Stay safe and stay armed out there, friends.



You conceal carry at your favorite pizza joint, right? If not, tell me in the comments about it.