*The names and certain details of this story have been changed to protect the individuals involved. All events are true, however.

Here recently, I had a friend named Isaac* who by some stupidity was arrested. The conditions of that arrest are not the subject of this post, however. The subject I want to address is what happened when the officers searched his vehicle.

Isaac doesn’t like to carry on his hip regularly—he carries in a type of tactical bag with a heavy-duty back pocket for a full-size pistol. When he was pulled over and arrested, Isaac had his CCW in his bag. The officers searched his entire vehicle, including his medical bag (Isaac is a former EMT and the medic for the construction crew he runs), and his concealed carry bag.

And you’ll never guess what happened.

They didn’t confiscate anything from his truck. Not even his pistol.

Now, I personally was surprised. Usually, I would expect that during this event they would have confiscated his pistol because he did not inform the officers that he had it (although, there should be a note here, that depending on the laws in your state, you are not obligated to notify police that you have your CCW).

This is one of those cases where I beat the drum of “STAY UPDATED ON YOUR STATE LAWS.” Seriously. I mean it. In states that have constitutional carry laws, you don’t even need to have a permit. Now, am I advocating to demolish licensing. No. I believe it’s important to get the permit because it proves that someone other than your friends or family thinks you can competently and safely operate a firearm. It also proves that you’ve gone through some training as well. (Which is never a bad thing, unless it’s bad training.)



Have you ever been in a situation where you were concealed carrying and were arrested due to actions not involving your weapon? Let me know in the comments.