Well folks, it’s getting closer to that time of the year: traveling season. Many of you are planning on taking trips throughout the United States and maybe even abroad (LUCKY)! For this blog, however, I want to focus on traveling through the U.S. and some of the things you need to be taking with you—leaning on the side of concealed carry and safety.


First and foremost: You need to be checking state laws for the states that you are going to be traveling through—specifically if that state honors your home-state’s concealed carry laws.

This is important because, maybe you want to travel to say… New York. Guess what. From what I personally interpret of the laws there, if you’re from out of state, you cannot even apply for a permit. (If anyone has some input on this, please leave me a comment with your sources). Other states that only honor their own permits include: California, Hawaii, Maryland, and New Jersey.


After you’ve checked everything out, and the states you will be traveling through honor your home-state permit, next is making sure your firearm(s) are secure during travel.

Some of the states you may be entering require that your pistol be kept in a locked container, so to be on the safe side, take your locking case with you (or get one if you don’t have one already). If a you have to go through a state that does not honor your state permit, then my advice is to just go ahead and store your pistol in that locking case with your ammunition separate from it, in the trunk of your car—just to be safe.

If everything’s all set, and you’re almost ready to head out on your trip, remember to throw a toolbox (for your vehicle), check for that car-jack and tire-iron, a spare tire, a case of water, and a first aid kit. (That’s my basic list I always take on trips, plus luggage.)


Remember, check the laws before you leave. Always. Stay armed and stay safe, my friends.


Where are you traveling this summer? Did you plan your trip so that you avoid states that don’t honor your state’s CCL? Let me know in the comments.