Let me just be upfront about this: there’s an unspoken rule of concealed carry, that not everyone knows—don’t talk about it in public.

For some of you, this is obvious. There is a time and a place for a conversation about concealed carry, but it is definitely not while at the table eating spaghetti at your favorite Italian restaurant at lunch time.

One of my nieces, who concealed carries, was out with a guy who apparently had a HUGE mouth. If I remember correctly, he made a statement along the lines of “Oh, yeah, you can’t get [insert alcohol] because you’ve got your gun on,” while in a crowded section of a restaurant. She tells me that she responded with hush tones: “It’s like fight club. First rule of fight club is: don’t talk about fight club.” And this unlucky fellow, just kept on and kept on.

Needless to say, my young’un wasn’t having it and the outing was ruined by his gabbing.

First of all, let’s applaud my niece for knowing better than to continue the conversation. The whole purpose of not talking about it, keeps your weapon concealed. What that young man didn’t realize is that conversation can create trouble for him and whoever the concealed carrier is—it’s like asking for attention when we know it’s best to keep low profile.

After this outing, I encouraged my niece to be even more particular about who she trusts with the knowledge that she carries. One of the ways to best know whether or not a person is trustworthy, is to first let them approach the topic of guns and concealed carry to see where they stand on the subject. Depending on their stance, should depend on whether you should share.



Got any other advice for our young concealed carriers? Let me know in the comments, and until I see you guys again, stay armed and stay safe, my friends.