Earlier this year in February, a young 24-year-old who had just arrived for work at Milwaukee Machine Tool Corp., was approached—while in his vehicle—by another man, later identified as 21-year-old, Carlos Martin.

Martin attempted to carjack the 24-year-old with a gun shortly after 6 a.m. However, the Machine Tool employee had a concealed carry license and used his concealed carry weapon to defend himself. Martin was shot and died of his wounds at the scene.



We haven’t touched on concealed carry in the car yet, but I want to address how such a situation like the one above could have gone very wrong, had the 24-year-old not had access to his CCW.

If you’ve ever carried your pistol on your hip while driving, it’s likely that you know all too well the uncomfortable pressing and stabbing that can happen if you’re carrying anything bigger than a .308—even carrying a .38 can be a real pain.

But think about this for a minute—the driver’s side seat belt locks directly at the right hip (where the majority of us right-hand shooters keep our pistol). Had the 24-year-old had his seatbelt on and his CCW holstered on his right hip, this situation could had been much worse.

The article doesn’t give us much details on what exactly happened, but I can speculate that the concealed carry holder definitely had access to his weapon. There are a few places where he could have kept his firearm—the first being (depending on his vehicle) between the center console and the driver’s seat in it’s holster. The second could be even under one of his legs or perhaps this person carried his CCW in the small of his back since he’s a working man and carrying in the back increases range of movement.

Where ever he kept his pistol in his vehicle, one thing is for certain—had his access been hindered, the situation could have gone south. My advice for all of us, is to figure/test different places in our vehicles that both secure our CCWs while keeping them concealed and provide the quickest access. Stay armed and stay safe, my friends.



Where do you keep your CCW while you’re driving?