Alright. It’s officially the holiday season and more of us are at home with our families. I know we’ve talked before that the place that you should carry your gun should be the place where you and yours are most frequently: that’d be your home.

How many of you guys are having every cousin 4 times removed and their grandmother over at your place this Thanksgiving? I know I am. The place where the most important people to me will be is at my house, tomorrow. So, why wouldn’t I keep my gun on me?

Now, many of you have kids. I do, as well, but let me tell you something: my CCW will be on my person; Amy’s (my wife) CCW will be on her person (yes, as she cooks and tells me how to help her, what a champ), and the other weapons will be locked in our gun safe. That’s it, friends.

As a side-note: I went to a party once that the host warned all of us that if you come unarmed, you will be given a weapon upon entrance and if you arrive last or late, he couldn’t guarantee that you’ll get the most reliable, or safest weapon, or that it’ll actually fire a projectile—in fact you may end up with a steak knife depending on whether or not all the guests come.

I’m not hosting that kind of party/get-together, but many of you might hold such an event. The point here, however, is that if you encounter a situation where you need it, be prepared for it.

Also, remember this thanksgiving that we’re not getting all this food and people together just for the heck of it, but rather to remember and reflect on what we are thankful for. Although, we should be grateful and thankful every day, as well.

Happy Thanksgiving from Marshall and Amy! Stay armed; stay safe, my friends.


Did you catch what you’re cooking for Thanksgiving, this year?





Photo: Freepik