In Tumwater, Washington last weekend, a confusing string of crimes resulted in an assailant dead by a concealed carrier after the dirtbag reportedly shot a victim he was attempting to carjack. The events unfolded as such:

First police responded to calls about a (likely) drunk driver that was speeding down the wrong lane, close to the Tumwater High School. Then, reportedly, a 16-year-old was injured at a nearby intersection where sounds of gun fire and a carjacking were called in.

When they arrived searching for the first vehicle, they received reports of gunshots down the road, approximately two miles away at a local Walt-Mart Supercenter. There the driver abandoned the first stolen vehicle and was attempting to carjack another at gun point.

The victim refused to give the gunman the vehicle, he shot the victim twice rendering him mortally wounded. The gunman then moved on, attempting to carjack yet another vehicle when two concealed carriers intervened.

They approached the carjacker and one concealed carrier discharged his concealed carry weapon, killing the gunman. According to news outlets, the man who shot the gunman was a father walking with his family. Witnesses hailed him as a hero.

Both victims who were injured during this crime spree were taken to local hospitals where they are being treated. The victim who was shot is in critical condition, and the 16-year-old, who was not shot, but injured, is stable.

According to witnesses, it is unsure whether or not the carjacking-gunman discharged his weapon inside the store, but they heard numerous shots, more than just the two which wounded the victim, before he was subdued.


Folks, this here is a prime example of why you should never leave the house without your CCW. There is no telling what other damage might have been done in the wake of this dirtbag’s spree. It was quick thinking on the part of the two concealed carriers that potentially save numerous other lives. Thankfully, the other victims are being treated and God willing the victim who was mortally wounded recovers quickly. The man who ultimately stopped the threat is indeed a hero as witnesses claim. A witness even stated, “he saved us all.”


Stay safe out there my friends.



What do you think about this situation, have you ever been faced with such danger?