This is an old story, but it deserves some merit:

On January of 2016, in Columbia, South Carolina, the Next Up Barber and Beauty shop was full with men, women and children on a Friday evening. Surveillance cameras recorded two masked men, armed with a pistol and (what appears to be) a shotgun demanding money. The thieves told several customers and barber shop staff to get on the floor, while others were forced to stay in their chairs with their hands up.

One individual, who was smacked in the back of the head by one of the thieves, told reporters that this was the moment he thought the assailant was going to shoot him “just to make [him] and example and walk on out…” money in hand. However, after the robbers spent some time opening drawers searching for cash, once their backs were turned one of the patrons (who was still in their chair) reached into their pocket and pulled out their concealed carry weapon.

Officials with the Columbia Police Department stated that two of the victims help concealed carry licenses and were waiting for the “opportune moment.” In the video, one patron (who is seen pulling a pistol from his pocket) shot at both suspects, hitting one of the thieves who collapsed outside the barber shop. Later that thief was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital. It is unknown whether or not the second suspect suffered any injuries because they fled the scene. No one else was injured.


One of the reason I dug this particular story up from the archives of KFOR-TV, is because of the behavior of the two CCL holders. In the video, I can only see one of them; however, I’ve watched the footage several times. This individual could not have done anything better. First, they remained calm and attentive, watching the thieves every move. Then, when the opportunity to get to their weapon (as we say, our best bet against dirtbags is the element of surprise) arose, they seized it and eliminated the threat that posed the most immediate danger. Then, immediately turned to address the second threat, who after hearing the first shot, disappears from the frame—I assume to flee. Thankfully, none of the customers were harmed.

Great job. Keep yourselves safe out there, guys.


Out of all the places you go, is there an establishment (following the law, of course) you think you shouldn’t need your gun?