We’ve talked several times about the different tools that a concealed carrier should carry on their toolbelt—one of those being the use of your voice as a concealed carry weapon. In one story that I found, one concealed carrier did just that:

In Lewiston, Idaho a man identified as Jeromy Adams was outside a Neighborhood Market, for some unknown reason. With an unknown motive he began throwing rocks at the building around 11 p.m. When an employee told Adams to leave he complied after he made some derogatory comments.

Approximately 30 minutes later, Adams reportedly returned carrying a sawed-off 20-gauge shotgun and a knife.

A man, who was outside the Neighborhood Market, drew his concealed carry weapon upon seeing the shotgun in Adams’ hand. The man pointed his CCW at the dirtbag and instructed him to drop his weapons, to which Adams complied. He walked away making derogatory comments again and was later picked up by police where he was then arrested. Police have charged him with felony aggravated assault.


Thanks to the quick actions of the concealed carrier, a potential shooting was prevented. Although Adams’ motives were unknown, it was evident that he was a potential threat, which the concealed carrier perceived and acted appropriately. Had he continued walking, perhaps ignored Adams, he might have been a victim and there is no telling how many lives might have been lost.

The CCL holder didn’t have to fire his weapon to deescalate the situation. I believe he reacted justly by drawing his weapon first, then telling the dirtbag to drop the weapons. In other situations (it is different from case to case) simply using his voice as a weapon could have sufficed, as drawing his weapon might have provoked certain assailants. In this case, he took the risk of that escalation and dissipated a threat without even pulling the trigger. It’s a wiley world out there, my friends; stay safe and stay armed.


Have you encountered a similar situation, if so how did you handle it?