In Worcester, Massachusetts, at 6:36 a 47-year-old man and a 48-year-old woman were on their way home when they saw a man holding a woman at gunpoint. In concern for the woman’s safety, the 47-year-old pulled out his concealed carry weapon and pointed it at the robber.

The robber, who was later identified as Jeremy Clintron, held a 29-year-old woman with an H&R 9-shot rim fire revolver. The 47-year-old concealed carry license holder challenged Clintron. According to police, Clinton tried to convince the concealed carry holder to back off, however the 47-year-old wouldn’t back off. Clinton surrendered his revolver and laid on the ground at the concealed carrier’s command.

While the 48-year-old called the police, the CCL holder mistakenly tried to hold the robber to the ground. He put his knee in Clintron’s back and pushed the revolver away. While they waited for police, Clinton struggled with the CCL holder and fired a round into the pavement while grabbing for his gun.

Clintron freed himself from the CCL holder’s pin and fled without his revolver. However, police apprehended him within minutes not far from the scene. No one suffered any serious injuries.


This is a certain case it is certain that your CCW should be your favorite everyday carry; here, that young lady was lucky that someone with a CCW came along. One thing though, instead of putting the dirtbag in a pin, it would have been sufficient enough to have him toss his weapon and wait for police to arrive. Luckily, the police captured Clintron and slapped him with a laundry list of charges. The witness and police thanked the 47-year-old concealed carry license holder for his selfless act.

This is yet another reason why I never go anywhere without my concealed carry weapon. Stay armed and stay safe out there my friends.


Have you ever needed to deescalate a situation like this one? Let me know in the comments.