As a note, before I get into this news story, I want to emphasis that not all situations involve a dirtbag with a gun (too). Which is why I want to discuss this story in particular:


In Bend, Oregon, a 39-year-old man named Robert Joseph Garris was approached by two other men, one sporting a large hunting knife, outside a local Jack in the Box. The man wielding the knife, identified as 39-year-old Christopher Michael Nolan, appeared to Garris’ eyes to be “high on drugs” and pulled said knife at 9:40 in the evening.

Nolan was “acting aggressively,” according to police. As he and the other individual approached Garris he warned both of them before acting. Garris shot multiple times at Nolan rendering several mortal injuries. After authorities arrived, Nolan was rushed to the hospital to be treated and is expected to survive. Garris told authorities that he did not know either individual and that he was staying at a nearby motel.

He also added, “It’s just one of those things that you hope never happens, but it happened. And now I’ve got to live with it for the rest of my life.”

The shooting is still under investigation, however, a video from the area given to police gives credit to Garris’ account of the event. There is no other report on the second man with Nolan.

According to Nolan’s record, this also hasn’t been the first time he has been involved in a crime. Beginning in 1999, he was convicted of many felonies involving drugs, theft and assault. Later, in 2015 he challenged police to “kill him while he wielded a large knife. He reportedly began cutting his wrists and neck as he ran away.”



My friends, the dirtbag doesn’t always have a gun—sometimes he uses his fists, his feet, a knife, even barbed wire and heavy-duty tape. Garris, in this case, feared for his life. I applaud Garris, however, for trying to deescalate the situation first (why in the world would he “warn the men” before firing?). Otherwise, I’d like to assume he wouldn’t have fired at a complete stranger, brandishing a knife, after several warnings. It is my hope that Nolan receives whatever the judge deems fit and I am glad that Garris was not injured. Stay armed and stay safe out there, my friends.



Have you ever been presented with a similar situation? How did you respond? Was it with deadly force or were you able to deescalate the situation?