When people receive their concealed carry permit, they primarily focus on choosing the right gun, the right holster, and where to carry.

Those are all crucial decisions, but the bullets you load in the magazine could be the difference between life and death.


Depending on what the situation is can be a large factor in your personal defense and concealed carry needs. Assess whether your chosen rounds could potentially cause collateral damage.

Whether you are attacked in a parking lot or a dark alley, the bullet won’t change whereas the consequences may.

Type of Gun

One of the largest aspects to consider when choosing personal defense ammunition is the type of gun you are going to be shooting. I don’t mean the calibers are not going to match, that is obvious.

Certain rounds just do not like certain guns. Plain and simple.

Take your gun to the range with test rounds and learn what gun goes best with which brand of bullets.

Contrary to popular belief, bullets in all calibers and styles are not ‘one size fit all’.

The Biggest Debate

One of the largest debates on any forum is stopping power versus capacity/reset.

The double-stack 9mm Parabellum vs a single stack .45acp is probably the largest debate out there regarding stopping power vs capacity.

One side of the argument is,

If I can stop them in 1 or 2 shots, it is better to conserve ammunition for other potential threats.”

The other side is,

In the time it takes you to pop off 2 rounds, and hope they are down. I have put 5 or 6 bullets in them and are watching them bleed out.”

There is no real definitive right answer to either argument, what I say to both is it is up to you!

As you can see, there are plenty of choices and options out there. There is not ONE bullet that works for everyone. Every gun is different and every shooter is unique.

It is completely up to you, your needs, and your gun’s preference.

What do you shoot? Do you trust it in the chamber of your EDC?

Carry Smart.

Carry Concealed.